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Hey there, my name is Tilak. I am a Student and a Web Developer based in Nashik, India. Currently, I am persuing BBA(CA) from B.Y.K College. Read More →

My Projects

iBlog - A Blog Website

I made a Blog Website using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, W3.css, Javascript and Firebase. You should definitely check it out!

Check it out!
A Project for Buttons!

I made a bunch of Button Designs for everyone to use as it will increase Time Effeciency. It will be worth it if you check it out!

Check it out!
Color Picker

Simple Color Picker to select your Favorite color. I made it using HTML, CSS and mainly JavaScript!

Check it out!

My Skills!

Main Skills

HTML 90%
CSS 85%
Javascript 72%
jQuery 68%

What Else I know!

W3. Js
Node JS

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